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The Best Startup Submission Services Comparison

When creating awareness for your brand through startup submission websites and agencies, you need to be very selective and vet them thoroughly. The vetting helps you avoid scam companies that take your money and fail to submit your brand to directories and press rooms. Scrutinizing the startup submission firms helps you determine where you can get great value for your investment for a startup promotion.

This post gives you a comparison of three of the best startup submission services providers:

  1. MyStartupTool
  2. PromoteHour
  3. StartUpLister

Similarities of the three startup submission services providers

  • All the aforementioned companies provide startup submission services. They submit details about your startup to different directories for the purpose of having the submitted startups in the respective directory's listings.
  • They all require a given fee for their services.
  • They, also, have existing customers, and they accept submissions from both startup and beta stage businesses.
  • You will, also, find different positive reviews from the internet if you look them up. Some of the reviews are from happy, and satisfied customers and others come from independent researchers.
  • Each of them has a list of businesses that have submitted requests as well as a list of directories where they usually submit startups.
  • Most of the companies that have submitted with these three agencies are reputable brands. The listed directories have a solid reputation; at least most of the one’s I’ve had time to look at. I also took the time and contacted support on all three sites, and they responded promptly. Notably, MyStartupTool support responded very swiftly to my email message.
  • The three companies submit manually to directories

Differences between All Three Agencies

  • The most notable difference between the agencies is the pricing.
  • MyStartupTool offers 3 different options; the first option gives you a package of 50 submissions for $45, the second one costs $113 for 136 directories and with the third package you get a € package with the 136 directories plus 40 directories only for startups with an app for $169. All of them offer you screenshots for proof of submission, log in details for each directory's profile and 30 days guarantee. Startuplister offers three different plans where startup listing costs $89, another program which costs $299 to have your startup pitched to journalists and the last one for $349 that offers plus followers on Twitter and newsletter. Promotehour has two different packages each costing $69 and $499 depending on some variable factors such as the count of submissions, media coverage, social media promotion, getting featured in newsletters and guest publishing.
  • All the different plans have varied prices and values. You should pick a plan as dictated by your budget and preferences. For example, you can make the submissions and pay for journalist's coverage or newsletters mentions. Pick a plan that feels most satisfactory to you. Most startups will go for the MyStartupTool's plan whereas beta stage businesses with more to spend on submissions and promotions might opt for other more expensive plans.