Submitting Your Startup Does not Have to be Hard

Setting up a business is, in most cases, not too hard a task especially if you base your new business on what you love doing, your passion. The hard part comes to marketing your business idea. It is not easy to find customers in most cases simply because people are unaware of your business, brand or products, and services. As an example, think that you have a brilliant idea for an app. You have developed the app, gotten patents for your invention and now you are ready to start making money from your genius idea. How do you get prospective users to know about the cool new ‘Snap Chat’ or ‘Smart Finance app’?

Initially, you would have had to approach all you friends through social media and beg them to share links to your website. Otherwise, you would have to pay a local guy you know who has many YouTube subscribers. If all these fail, you would think of printing dozens of posters and stick theme on walls and buildings to get your name out to the world. All these activities need lot of time, energy, and resources. Long story short, it is hard promoting a startup unless you act smart about it. One of the smartest options is promoting your startup through startup submission companies like MyStartupTool.

Startup Submission Companies make it Easy to Promote Startups

To submit your startup to directories for listing, you have to go to each list's website, create a profile and then fill out a form detailing your startup operations. It would take you ages to compile a list of startup directories. Also, since you do not know which ones are legitimate, high ranking, or best suited for your niche, your submission efforts may all end up in vain.

The process is somewhat tedious and time-consuming. The better option involves choosing a submission agency and paying such an entity to make the submissions for you. Submission companies like MyStartupTool know how to approach different directories and how to crack for a listing. After you submit your startup, it is not sure that you will get it listed. However, with the knowledge and skills that a submission agency has, the odds of landing a listing on a high-ranking startup listing site, are much higher than when you as a novice make the submissions. Now you know that using a submission agency for your startup submission makes your promotion campaigns easy and increases the odds of success.